Monday, February 1, 2010

2nd Edition of Essential Guide to Spanish Reading

Have you read any good Spanish-language or bilingual children's books lately? If so, you can help contribute to a fabulous reference source of excellent Spanish-language and bilingual literature available to librarians (and anyone else).

America Reads Spanish, a website created by Spanish and American publishers of Spanish-language materials, has created a reference resource entitled Essential Guide to Spanish Reading, and are collecting recommendations for the second edition. Although the book is a reference for all ages, there is a section on children and young adult literature. There is also a new, separate book, entitled Essential Guide to Spanish Reading for Children and Young Adults, which I highly recommend you take a look at if you are working on developing a Spanish-langauge or bilingual collection for children or young adults.

In order to make the second edition of the all ages version a reality, they are asking you to send your recommendations to ARS , by providing them with the
following information:




Original Book Title
Translated Title


Translated (yes or no)
Review (synopsis)